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we exist to help you grow. and we use facebook ads to do it.

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Eleventh Social is a premier agency. We’re a group of social ads experts who came together because we have two things in common: passion about delivering results, and passion about making the world a better place.

We’re committed to working with companies that make social responsibility, environment and social justice a priority. And that’s what makes conquering the world’s most complex ad platform worth it everyday.

our team has tripled revenue for a mindfulness event series

gotten 30x ROI for an event campaign

increased an engaged page following by 11k for an environmen

together, we have experience that counts

...and teammates that can be counted on

"Your expertise, your care, your attention to detail, your follow-through, and your pro-active creativity... I rest easy knowing you're handling it."

Mark Silver // CEO, Heart of Business, Inc.

"When it comes to Facebook ads, no one I know is more knowledgeable, reliable and accessible."

Paul Zelizer // Founder, Awarepreurs

"Great ability to educate and empower you in the process that you effectively connect your Facebook ad platform to the best audience for optimal return."

Amy Halman // Founder, Ecoblend Consulting

a case study

Learn how we built a lead generation ad funnel that cranks out leads costing far below lifetime customer value for Penguin Albums.

a case study

Learn how we built a lead generation ad funnel that cranks out leads costing far below lifetime customer value for Penguin Albums.

who we are

andria thomas

Founder & CEO

With a Masters in Mass Communication and several years of digital marketing experience and Facebook ads, Andria founded Eleventh Social. She is the former Managing Director of Girls in Tech Dallas and founder of Vegan Soul Squad, a nonprofit.

suzanne yada

Vice President of Ad Strategy

Suzanne has helped clients of all sizes accelerate their ROI with Facebook ads. She brings her marketing, journalism and creative backgrounds to her work with clients such as Eileen Fisher Lifework.

fabrice germain

Vice President of Operations

With nearly a decade of marketing and agency experience,  Fabrice has handled $1.2M in revenue and increased department profits by 15%. He has contracted with Grubhub, Heineken, Panasonic, and many more recognizable brands.

quentin jones-minor

Vice President of Human Resources

With a strong background in recruiting, Quentin is a premier HR professional who brings his empathy, attentiveness, and methodical approach to his work. He is authoring his first book, and is the founder of a Dallas multi-cultural organization.

lindsay wood

Sustainable Business Director

With a Green MBA and two decades of business development experience, Lindsay is taking her love of people, the planet, and profit to the social advertising space. She is formerly known as The LED Lady, retrofitting $1m of commercial lighting in the Bay Area. 

corazon sepulchre

Project Manager

With 7 years of experience in project management and digital advertising, Corazon has helped countless clients scale their business revenue. She’s the gel that keeps teams together to consistently deliver quality results.

pietro bertoldi

Business Development Assistant

Pietro has several years of business development and administrative experience. He generates leads, manages social media, and makes sure the tools and apps we use for client relationships are in tip top shape.

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