Amp Up Your Recruiting Campaign with Facebook

Reaching and recruiting the right candidates for your organization is a complex process that uses multiple channels to reach your target audience. One passive and cost-effective way to reach an eligible pool of qualified candidates is to leverage self-published data on social media platforms like Facebook to specifically target those that meet your recruiting criteria. Here are three ways to improve your recruiting process by using Facebook.

Always Be Recruiting

Employers who seek to hire only the best are always on the alert for talent. If you’re a recruiter in a high-profile industry or at a well-known company, chances are you have an ongoing requisition list of positions to fill. However, your reputation for market dominance wasn’t built from hiring just anyone but from your record of only hiring qualified and exceptional candidates who meet your company’s performance standards. Incorporate ongoing recruitment opportunities into your company’s general social media strategy so that you’re always receiving a steady stream of new talent to fill any currently open roles. For example, Facebook can be a great place to browse for candidates.

Source: Active Recruiting: 5 Ways to Improve Your Talent Bullpin | The Hire Talent

Publish Relevant and Engaging Content

Expand your company’s organic reach on social media and, subsequently, the traffic to your applicant pool by always publishing relevant and engaging content. Content that encourages people to react, comment and share will help get your posts seen in the general newsfeed by users who follow your page. This will, in turn, help raise brand awareness amongst recruitment candidates for your company. Publish items like white papers, industry reports, announcements on product development, breakthroughs or anything else that would encourage a reaction or response.

Source: How to Know If Your Social Media Content is Relevant and Why It’s Uber Important | Kruse Control, Inc 

Don’t Forget Ads

On Facebook, you can search for candidates actively, or you can market to them passively through ads. Not only do Facebook ads increase your potential candidate pool, but they are cost-effective and can be highly targeted to your specific criteria. For example, at the end of the academic year, you may want to place ads for entry-level positions that target recent graduates from a nearby university. You can source candidates for high-level internships by using education level as a criterion for display placement.

Overall, the best way to reach and recruit candidates for your open positions is to reach people where they are. Recruiting the right candidates is never a one-size-fits-all challenge. You must rely on different channels and utilize them to their most effective results to attract your ideal candidates.

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