Get the Most Out of Your Facebook Business Page with These 5 Tips

There are currently over 2.32 billion Facebook users. Imagine if your business could capture a fraction of one percent of those users. That would put your business in front of 23 million potential customers. The broad reach of Facebook is what makes it so appealing for businesses of any size. Facebook allows businesses to set up their own page dedicated to what that company can provide to the Facebook user. As with any other type of social media, it falls to you to maximize the benefits of this page by engaging with your customers.

Use Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are popup ads that you can strategically place on the Facebook platform to target your customer base. The goal of these ads is to provide a gateway for those users to click through to your business website. The benefit of using Facebook ads is that you can target who will be seeing those ads based on Facebook’s demographic analytics. These can be very specific groups that might have already searched for similar products that you are offering. You should consider Facebook ads as part of your marketing budget. You will be able to judge their effectiveness through the analytics.

Ask Customers to Leave Reviews

About 97% of consumers say that reviews matter to them when buying something. This makes the reviews section a vital component of your Facebook business page. Even negative reviews have value because they provide you with an opportunity to respond. When a customer sees how you handle those types of reviews, you will strengthen your brand.

After activating your reviews, it is important to manage them. Along with the negative reviews, you should also respond to the positive reviews. This is a good way to begin a dialogue with your customers and that engagement can help generate sales. You will want to make sure you encourage customers to post reviews because you don’t want the last good review to be several years old.

Post Videos and Photos

Your Facebook business timeline will serve as an active and ongoing advertisement for your company. One of the most effective ways to use that timeline is posting videos and photos. For a contractor, providing before and after photos of projects can demonstrate how their services can be utilized. If you have a retail store, then a quick video upload of new merchandise or a special sale can be a good way to promote your business.

Add a Call to Action Button

You can add a call to action button on your Facebook business page that can link directly to your company website. That link can be for a sales promotion or a new feature of the business. To make your CTA effective, you will want to offer something enticing in order for the user to “switch over.” Adding the CTA is a simple as clicking the “create call-to-action” button. Just be sure the link you’re making the connection to has been tested.

Pin Important Posts to the Top of Your Timeline

A Facebook business page lets you set the priorities with regard to what your customers will see. You can pin important posts to the top of your timeline. These posts can be recent videos or photos that you want to share. They can also be for surveys or conversation questions that are meant to keep users returning to the page.

You don’t have to spend all day on your Facebook business page in order for it to be effective. It will help to get into the habit of making thoughtful and daily uploads. You will also want to check in with the comments to posts to make sure they are staying on point. An hour a day on your Facebook page can have a positive impact on your business goals.

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