3 branding hacks

You’re an entrepreneur and you realize branding is more than a logo and color palette. Well guess what? You’re already a cut above the rest! So many entrepreneurs underestimate the power of branding and find themselves on Fiverr paying $50 for a cookie cutter design that looks like 100 other businesses. Still without a real brand. Still stagnant and struggling to bring in revenue.

What if there were 3 hacks that you could learn right now, which could position your brand to level up beyond anything you ever imagined? If you want to learn some of the biggest lessons our clients have ever learned…if you want the same knowledge that catapulted our clients from 5 figures to 7 figures, you’ll want to keep reading.


it's not about us.
it's about you.

The difference between brands that fall on their faces and brands that win every damn day is the mindset of the founder. Most agencies will sell you on all the bells and whistles. But branding is a waste of everyone’s time if you don’t show up in your business. Growing a business is not for the faint of heart. The money you invest in your brand is useless if you’re not also investing energy. So, clip those wings, dear. Are you ready to fly?


it's not just "pretty."
it's psychology.

We don’t go gah-gah over the superficial. A good brand makes you feel something. A good brand makes you think about it again and again…like home. For some reason you keep coming back here.

You need to tap into the hidden pain points and needs of your customers. You need to be so good at it that everything about your brand oozes with “the sauce.” All the way down to the shape of the font and the color of the header. Are you willing to access the most effective psychology moves for your business?


Luck = preparation + opportunity

You can have the biggest opportunity of your life but you will blow it if you are unprepared. If you come across an investor who has the power to transform your business, but your brand doesn’t communicate that you’re a good investment, you’ll lose that opportunity without even knowing you had it. Our clients have encountered investors and retail contracts purely because their brands were attractive. In fact, we’ve generated millions of dollars in partnership offers without our clients needing to pitch.

So remember this. Luck is on your side… because you ended up here. Here’s an opportunity to prepare your business to get the attention of investors, partners, media and corporations. If you believe in your vision, this is not a hard decision. Are you willing to be prepared?

what can we do in 8 weeks?

getting to your true brand's core

It all starts with fitting the right pieces together and building an identity that will stand the test of time.

Production + Presentation + Finalization

We have the smoothest process in the industry. Our signature creative flow is a secret, so shhh! Don’t tell anyone. But there’s a reason why we can turn around original, brilliant brands in 8 weeks.

Evergreen deliverables

You can continue to use our work as templates to expand your brand and to produce materials again and again.

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