Bamblu is a sleep company that offers eco-friendly, bamboo linen, sleepwear and solutions for relaxation. Originally known by a different name, they struggled to find recognition and space in their industry. Their revenue growth reached a ceiling and they knew something had to change. See how we turned Bamblu’s dilemma around!

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The gap between the brand and where they wanted to be was in their identity. We determined there was a core idea that was missing. This led to a lack of confidence from the founder, and ultimately revenue stagnation.


We used our signature techniques to draw meaning from the founder's vision. Then we created a mind map to help her establish boundaries for the brand.

the core

Originally, the business centered bed linens because that was the primary product. As we observed the daily operations, we saw that the founder had become a sleep expert. We pin-pointed that Bamblu wasn't a linen company, but a sleep company.

bamblu logo

why bamblu?

We brainstormed, analyzed and researched hundreds of names until Bamblu became everyone's top choice. This play on words would ultimately be an unmistakable signifier for the brand - a symbolism combining the color blue and the defining material the flagship products are made of.

We used minimalist bamboo branches as our main element. The circle captures parts of a branch, representing ongoing cycles of renewable resources like bamboo, and the cyclical rhythm of sleep. The font is soft and also round, just like the feeling of resting in a comfortable bed.

more than a logo

more than colors


Studies show that psychologically, the color blue evokes calmness in the viewer. Blue is the color of the sky and the ocean. It’s the color associated with the throat chakra, which according to yoga philosophy, is the place where the soul rests during sleep.

design that captures feeling

The design evokes simplistic elements and soft colors, creating a fresh, clean feeling. Our intention was for the viewer to imagine what sleeping on bamboo sheets might feel like, even before they touch them. 

what bamblu's founder said about us

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